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Custom Birthday Songs


Custom Birthday Songs will create unique customized birthday songs or Quinceanera songs as gifts for your loved one, relative, or friend! Your custom birthday song or Quinceanera song will be professionally recorded, featuring original music written by our composers and personalized lyrics sung by a talented professional vocalist.

A Song Legacy personalized song can turn a birthday party or Quinceanera celebration into an unforgettable event by capturing the life story of the guest of honor in a song which will be cherished for years to come. Humorous, romantic, serious, or a combination, the Custom Birthday Songs created by Song Legacy are always the hit of the party!

We also offer inexpensive MP3 downloads of original birthday songs and Quinceanera songs written by our composers and lyricists for specific occasions including 10th, 30th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays and Quinceanera, in addition to some more general birthday songs that could be used for any birthday.

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Sample Birthday Songs

Custom Birthday Song featured on YouTube video '100 Years of Mayhem'

See a YouTube video of "100 Years of Mayhem", featuring a song with music and personalized lyrics by Andrea Carter of Song Legacy. The wives of two close friends who were both turning 50 arranged for Song Legacy to create this song with original custom lyrics celebrating the lives of the two guests of honor. Andrea was the vocalist on the recording of the song, and then the wives and their children and friends created a video including lip-synching to the sound track, then played it at the combined birthday party. The two guests of honor and the 163 guests were all delighted with "100 Years of Mayhem", which was the highlight of the party.


Prices for custom birthday songs and Quinceanera songs with fully customized lyrics and original music written by our composers start at $749 and vary depending on length of the song and features included.

MP3 downloads of our original songs are $9.99 each.

To find out more, see Personalized Birthday Songs or MP3 Downloads, fill out our online Contact Form, or contact us at the e-mail address or phone number listed below. To learn more about songs for other occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, retirement, and Mother's Day go to the Song Legacy website.

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