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We offer a choice of original Quinceanera songs, available for MP3 downloads, including an illustrated lyric sheet and CD cover image in pdf format, for only $9.99 (US dollars) each.

You can order these Quinceanera songs directly from the sample song pages, by making your $9.99 payment through PayPal, using either a PayPal account or a credit card. After you make your payment, you'll receive instructions for downloading an MP3 of your desired Quinceanera song along with a lyric sheet image and CD jacket cover image. We'll also send you a follow-up message repeating the instructions you need.

You can write the music on a CD (using a program on your computer for creating music CD's), and you can print the lyric sheet to present as a gift at the Quinceanera celebration and also for mounting in a frame. These songs would be great for a Quinceanera father-daughter dance, and would also make perfect accompaniments to a video or slide show made later from photos taken at the Quinceanera celebration.

Click on a song title or image of the Quinceanera song CD cover below to see and hear samples of our original Quinceanera Songs. Each sample will open in a new window. (Please close that window when finished.)


Original Quinceanera Songs

Standard original Quinceanera songs, available as MP3 downloads ($9.99 each):

Quinceanera song (15th birthday)  
Como Hace Quince Años

Quinceanera song featuring Manuel Romero
(lyrics in Spanish, web page in English)

Quinceanera cancion, Como Hace Quince Anos
Como Hace Quince Años  

Quinceañera cancion (Manuel Romero)
(lyrics and web page both in Spanish)

Quinceanera song, My Beautiful Daughter
Quinceanera Song for
My Beautiful Daughter

Quinceanera song by Andrea Carter
(lyrics in English)

Quinceanera waltz song (15th birthday)
Quinceanera Day Waltz  

Quinceanera waltz featuring Jaimsy Kennedy
(lyrics in English)

Quinceanera Songs
with Personalized Lyrics

We also offer personalized Quinceanera songs, with the lyrics telling the story of the girl celebrating her Quinceanera day. The unique lyrics are written by our lyricists based on your answers to our Quinceanera questionnaire and set to your choice of original music by our composers. The lyric sheet(s) and CD jacket cover are designed using the photos you provide. Click on any of the images below to see an example of our personalized Quinceanera songs.

Quinceanera song lyric sheet page 1 - Personalized Quinceanera song CD jacket cover - Quinceanera song lyric sheet page 2
Quinceanera song

lyric sheet page 1
Quinceanera song

CD Cover
Quinceanera song

lyric sheet page 2

Go to Customized Birthday Songs to learn how you can order a personalized Quinceanera song, with original lyrics written based on the girl being honored at the Quinceanera celebration.


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