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Here are a few comments from Custom Birthday Songs customers:

Birthday Songs:

"Just reviewed the CD designs and I think it turned out just lovely. That picture of us is my absolute favorite and I am thrilled that you made that front and center! Hit the nail on the head again!!! As a side note...I played the song for the first time for my baby brother and his girlfriend. It brought them both to tears. Definitely impactful. This is my most treasured gift to give and I will certainly share your name and spread the good word of my tremendous experience."
--Kris D., Pennsylvania 

"I want you to know that the song was the most wonderful gift she'd ever received. I actually acted as if I had forgotten her birthday, and then while driving her to pick up her car, I switched the radio over to CD without her noticing. When the song came on I kept on driving as if nothing had happened. I noticed she looked over at me a few times and I could tell she was unsure if she was actually hearing it. After a few moments I looked over at her and she was crying. She played it over and over again. She said it was the best gift she's ever received. When she went home for a few days, she took the CD and the lyrics sheet and let my mom listen to it. My mom read over the lyrics page and didn't even get half way through the song before she had to turn it off because she was crying so hard. It's truly been one of the neatest experiences to have this song written and recorded specifically for myself and my fiance. You're the best Andrea, thank you so so so much!"
--James K., New York 

"I sang '60 Candles' at a surprise birthday party for my husband recently and he loved it, and because the song had such a jazzy beat it was easy to move to, and the guests got a kick out of it. For someone who does not sing, to do this before 80 guests was a big deal for me, but because the words and the beat to the song were very catchy it made it easy, and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to Andrea and everyone at Song Legacy for a job well done."
--Carol M., Canada  

"My wife was turning 50 and I wanted to surprise her with something really special...but what? Then I heard about Kathleen and her songs...problem solved; wife ecstatic! The red roses died, but my wife still has 'her' song about HER life!"
--J. Donegan, Missouri  

"What a kick! We laughed so hard when Kathleen sang about my Dad's life working on the oil fields of Arabia! She captured some of the funniest moments of his 94 years, and we will always have the CD to pass on to our children's children so that they'll get a good taste of who their Great Grandfather was!"
--N. Rushmer, California  

"Thank you so much for absolutely making Mom and Dad's Birthday party a hit! They were so surprised and they're still laughing about it! They've played it for all their friends and relatives who couldn't make the party... and they said they've danced to it every night since the Big Bash! Do CD's wear out? Thanks again."
--L. Malone, Nevada   

"Song Legacy created the best and most unique gift my Dad has ever received. Now we have his whole life captured on one CD!"
----Dorothy McEwen, Holman Ranch, California  

Quinceanera Songs:

"Let me tell you that I am on cloud nine with your work, I was AMAZED! You had all of us in tears and the expression on our daughter's face as she danced and was realizing the song was about our story ... she cried, she laughed ... it was incredible! I've gotten so many calls saying how beautiful the slide show and song was! Everyone wants your information and I am honored to provide it. You are Awesome ... I will never forget you and your warm heart...I'm truly blessed to come in contact with such noble people. You are amazing and I will never forget how you made my baby's day magical."
--M. Rodriquez, Los Angeles, California


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